New Mexico Sky by Wedgie Media

Spring Clouds in New Mexico

Twice this year so far I have made the time to go for a relaxing time to rejuvenate in Taos, NM. I have been going to the same place for rest since 1997. Much has changed for me and my life since I started going there. When I first started, I think it was just to get myself together. Now when I go it is so I can intentionally focus on how to excel and live true to myself and my purpose.

It is often windy there, and more than once I have asked myself if it's the same wind as before, just having made it's way around the earth and back again. I often think of it as a place unchanged, but in the series of photos I have included in this blog I can see that indeed it does change, and quickly. These photos were taken in a period of less than a minute.