About Earth and IMages

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Earth and Images specializes in a variety of interior design applications. Our services include making spaces functional and beautiful from initial design meetings, materials and specifications, construction management, and furnishings as each project requires. We love to enhance the drama of a luxury setting while still allowing it to be timeless and elegant. Whether your style is old world or of-the-day, Earth and Images is your design source for the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Most people can’t believe it when they discover that Earth and Images has been in business since 1992; but it is true that for over twenty-five years our studio has been providing beautiful and unique home furnishings and design to the Valley and beyond.

Earth and Images' evolution is in tune with our clients’ needs and the ever-changing world of design. Creativity and good taste will always be hallmarks and an aspiration to achieve and we continue to deliver this for our clients. We find pleasure in providing our patrons a lifestyle and items that will bring them happiness, fulfillment and joy for years to come.